The Unchallenged Myth

Myth: You can't help an alcoholic or addict until they are ready for help.
In my experience, I have found this to be simply untrue. If we replace that statement with 'What IS it going to take?', then we are working towards a solution. We, as family / friends / support group / employer, have talked to the addict until we are blue in the face. Intervention is more about what we can decide to do differently. In eight years of doing interventions, I've had only one client who did not enter treatment, and largely because the family was unwilling to implement change of their own. There are two types of intervention. One can involve years of pain and suffering; the other involves love, understanding, thought, and careful planning.

Statistics strongly support intervention as an effective tool to bring awareness to the addict. Uniting the Family and friends together and initiating the healing process and creating a unanimous solution towards the road to recovery.

Are you or a loved one suffering with an addiction to, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Meth Amphetamine, Hallucinogenics, Opiates, Pills, Cocaine, Medical Marijuana, or even Gambling I can provide a solution.
Chemical dependency and other associated behavioral patterns is a growing epidemic in many families and businesses across the United States. Whether the drug be recreational alcohol use,alcoholism, prescription pills, Heroin and other Opiates, medical Marijuana, Meth Amphetamine, Oxy, or even a mix of these related substances, substance abuse needs a solution. If you fear these traits are a growing problem with a loved one give me a Call. The cost of an intervention is far less than the loss of a relationship, a business or a life. You have a choice to either let it go or start making a change for everyone concerned.

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Starting with an intervention gives you the piece of mind of knowing you are doing something about the problems that are keeping you awake.

Chad Hedeen is an Interventionist who has successfully facilitated interventions throughout the United States. He maintains an acute awareness of what types of actions, approaches, and changes a family can initiate to bring about change.

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